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{{Thus, attempt to write about something {which’s|that is} your {favourite|favorite}.|The Chinese friends you {make|create} will {often|frequently} offer to assist you in {circumstances|situation} where {you will|you’ll} {need|require} a {person|individual} to interpret.|Some can {act|function} as a portrait of {the|this} {man|guy} or {can|may} showcase their{ professional|} life.} {{When|If} you live off the grid for {some moment|a while}, you {learn|understand} that life isn’t about {surviving|living}. |Firstly, their customer support wasn’t in any way effective, despite the fact that they were friendly. {{Consequently, {over|more than} fifty percent of {colleges|schools} and universities graduates aren’t working {in|within} their chosen {specialty|specialization}.|Link education to {your|a} {upcoming|forthcoming} career Elaborate {how|the way} your educational background will {enable|allow} you to {attain|reach} your professional {objectives|aims}.|{Take|Have} a look at high school 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